Custom Fabricated Hoods

Our Designs

All of our stainless steel rangehood designs are not only manufactured accordingly to Australian Standards AS168.2, but also keep up with the trends of the Australian food industry and commercial kitchens.


Our reputation of quality, in the fabrication of commercial kitchen exhaust canopies is spread out across Australia. We supply to some of Australia’s leading Ventilation and Air conditioning companies in NSW, QLD, VIC , ACT and SA, and our Range hoods are custom fabricated in Sydney using quality 304 1.2 Stainless Steel outside, backed with .9 Stainless Steel inside. They are all fitted with modern grease proof lights and removable honeycomb grease filters.



We offer complete commercial kitchen ventilation anywhere in New South Wales. By working closely with industry Engineers, we carry out the design, fabrication and complete installation of any new exhaust hood. With the use of commercial kitchen duct work, commercial grade exhaust fans and in some cases, odour control and smoke reducing equipment, we find the best solution and take only the necessary means to get each ventilation job done, the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Packing and shipping

Having accounts with over 12 transport companies, allows us to guarantee each customer with the best possible freight cost, where ever they may be in Australia. We pack all our exhaust hoods into custom made crates of up to 5 meters in length to ensure every hood is received just as it left our factory.

Side profiles of our designs

Kitchen Canopy Type MS1

Standard Exhaust hood up to 1.2 meters wide

Kitchen Canopy Type MS2

Standard Exhaust hood with make up air (Fresh air in)

Kitchen Canopy Type MS3

V bank Exhaust hood up to 2 meters wide