Bench Mounted Ductless Range Hoods

Powerful 4- speed German motors

Our Bench top hoods are fitted with the latest commercial exhaust fans from Germany. These 4 speed German motors are what makes our bench hoods the quietest, most powerful, and most efficient on the market today. Built entirely from 1.2 304 Stainless Steel. 1 year warranty with all of our bench hoods. Suitable for electric equipment up to 8.0kw. Gas equipment up to 29MJ.


3 Stage filter system with no ducting required

The 3 stage filter system removes grease, kitchen heat and cooking odours. Giving your commercial kitchen a safer, cooler and cleaner working environment.

3 Stage filter System

  1. Stainless Steel removable baffle filter collects 70% of the grease and drains into a removable gutter.
  2. The polyester filter collects the remaining 30% of the grease.
  3. The activated carbon filter removes 85% of odours.

Available in 3 sizes

(See below all 3 sizes with prices guidelines)

750w x 700d x 1150h

240V: 400W, Airflow 1060 m3/h, 10 amp plug, 1 high speed motor

Price $2730

1000w x 700d x 1150h

240V: 800W, Airflow: 2120m3/h, 10amp plug, 2 high speed motors

Price $3730

1200w x 700d x 1150h

240v; 800w, Airflow 2120 m3/h, 10 amp plug, 2 high speed motors

Price $4320