Stainless Steel Soak Tanks

Martin Stainless – the leader in commercial soak tanks

Our very own stainless steel soak tanks are built form high quality 304 grade Stainless Steel.

Martin Stainless soak tanks are available in two adequate, but compact, sizes to suit each individual business.

Starting at just $2000 outright with absolutely NO CONTRACTS, on-going rental fees, or obligations with cleaning products .

We offer complete warranties along with full training and support.

Please call our sales team for further information.

  • No locked in contracts or commitments with our cleaning products, we give you the freedom to use the tank as needed to suit your business.
  • We offer payment plans without interest or rental agreements.
  • The most competitive upfront prices
  • Our warranty covers all parts and labour. Not just parts.
  • Spacious soak tanks to suit all needs
  • We carry all spare parts in stock at all times
  • Fast and ongoing telephone and email assistance.
  • A growing quality record in the industry of Pubs, Taverns, Cafes, Restaurants and bakeries through out Australia

Small Tank

Large Tank