Commercial Benches

Our projects

With successful projects such as Stitch Bar Surry Hills / Paper Planes Bondi Beach / Button Bar Surry Hills and many more, our 20 years of experience in the Commercial Kitchen Industry speaks for itself. We continue to provide quality work built to meet all the Australian commercial kitchen standards with a prompt delivery on every job.

Fabrication and Installation

All our commercial benches are made from a high grade 304 and 316 stainless steel. Our qualified tradesman custom fabricate and install a large range of stainless steel commercial benches, splashbacks, shelving systems, pot racks, trollies and more. All our benches are professionally installed using stainless steel fixings and adhesives. We create a stainless steel kitchen or bar that’s long lasting, vermin proof and built to suit each particular business.

Benching Profiles

Wet bench with flat top splashback

The raised edge (Wet Edge) is mostly used on commercial sink benches. It minimises the water and washing liquids from spilling onto the floor.

Dry bench with angle top splash back

The angle top splashback is mostly used in commercial kitchen benches. It’s easy to clean and minimises bacteria build up on top of the splashback.

Using unique design skills and custom fabrication we work closely with each customer, from the design through to the complete installation, to ensure each job is built to suit their business.